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Friday, July 13, 2012

War On Health, Gary Null's documentary

GMO, pesticides, growth hormones... the FDA and the food we eat, the drugs prescribed, our dietary supplements, herbal remedies, raising your own food, local farmers, raids...


Sue said...

It took me THREE HOURS and endless frustration to watch this on my cruddy internet, and it was worth every bit of aggravation. I've read quite a bit on Big Pharma, none of it good, and this just reiterates all I've been driving hubby crazy with. And yes---he's on the bandwagon FINALLY about buying organics. That has been a long process. We must fight corporate America and big Pharma .
Great video,-thanks for sharing!!!

Diana said...

Sue, it was rather lengthy, but as you say a good documentary; I just wish more people will take the time to educate themselves and listen to this. I'm not sure what we can do: contact our Senators/Congressmen... psst... they're not going to do anything especially since they get funds from big pharma too. They are all awash in money and power and we are just a few little voices. Hopefully, there will be a few more that can add to the call.