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Monday, November 21, 2011

Retail, Count Us Out

I don't know about you, but we are fed up and have been for more years than I can remember with the commercialization of Christmas. Aisles beginning to be filled with Christmas stuff at the end of August?! Give me a break, will ya? Do merchants not understand that more and more people are turned off by this display of gaudy commercialism. Who is to blame? We are, by allowing ourselves to be seduced. How did we travel from the gift of Christianity to the gift of commercialism?

Several years ago someone told me their child had so many gifts under the tree, that half way through unwrapping, he went off to another room. Do we equate love to the number of presents we put under the tree? Do we feel guilty if we don't shower gifts upon our loved ones? Are we so addicted to shopping, buying.. that that is the only thing that gives us gratification?

One headline last week indicated that some stores were not going to wait until midnight on Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving), but rather open doors at 10 pm Thanksgiving Day. People lining up at the doors, trampling others in order to be one of the first of 50 to buy another cheap electronic made overseas, is an ugly picture.

What I remember about Christmas when we were very young, was that one gift was all we got_and Mother could not afford that. But, we always had a stocking, an old gray wool stocking that was stuffed with an orange, apple, some nuts, a few candy canes... and in the bottom a few coins.

The better expression of love and gift giving in our opinion is what you give of yourself: a gift of your time, a special dinner prepared for someone, help at a soup kitchen, handcrafted items, foods we have canned, .... something from the heart.

Years ago we told our children (adults) to not buy us gifts, and that if they wanted to make something for us, we would be happy to accept it. At our age, what do we really need. Our goal is to get rid of things and lighten our burden. Look around and ask what more could I possibly need.

We have a message for retailers: once again, you can count us out.


Sue said...

Amen to that!

Have you ever watched the ridiculous display ON black friday? The horrid way people push and shove and treat each other over some electronic junk or popular toy? It's a disgrace. I think those folks don't even realize the irony of it all.
Merry Christmas indeed.
Hugs to you
and Happy Thanksgiving!

Robin said...

I am with you 100% on this. We buy very few gifts for Christmas. Most of our gifts are something preserved or hand made. The gifts that are purchased are usually purchased when we are on vacation.

When I was growing up we received two gifts. One would be something useful like a sewing machine and then maybe a board game. That was it and my parents could afford more.

I really get turned off by all this early Christmas stuff. There is a local radio station that has been playing Christmas music for two weeks now.....give me a break!