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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Energy Costs Take A Bite

So far this year, the average American is spending 12 percent of disposable personal income on energy - gasoline, electricity, and heating. That's more than in 2008, the last time oil spiked.



Sue said...

Yep, and just last night watching the news I saw that Shell Oil had a PROFIT of $7 BILLION for the quarter. Gosh, aren't ya just SO happy for them??????
(the bastards)
Sorry....but it's the only word that applies!

Diana said...

Sue, tell us how you really feel. ;)

How 'bout this one to make the blood boil: GE reported worldwide profits of $14.2 billion ($5.1 billion of it from its US operations. TAX BILL: ZERO! in fact claimed a $3.2 billion tax benefit....

... and recently transferred more jobs overseas.

Sue said...

Hi Diana
And then hubby wonders WHY I wish to just crawl in a hole sometimes. It often feels as if we cannot win at this game called life. I guess I should have been a "corporation".
Have a great weekend. I shall be ignoring the news for a bit, I think.

Diana said...

Sue, I'm with you. I try not to get so involved in the news, listening to less and less, but sometimes somebody's gotta say something about it. ;) Silence too often is confirmation.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend too.