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Monday, August 1, 2011

America, Country In Debt

America Is A Country In Debt

While politicians bicker about debt ceilings and government spending, American families suffer under an increasingly hefty debt load.

American Family Consumer Debt Facts


Sue said...

I can certainly understand the mortgage debt (few people could manage to save enough to pay cash), but I'm REALLY surprised to see that credit card debt is so high. I'll be darned I'll pay THEM 14-15% when they only pay ME a cruddy 1% on a c.d..
My mother always told me you can make THEM rich, or you can make yourself rich. I'm sure trying to save, but the odds are sure stacked against me at those rates!

Diana said...

Sue, our parents were wise and your words reflect that. We are with you. One thing I learned was to not buy something you could not afford.

It is a sad state of affairs to look at the credit card debt and the many who are up to their necks in debt... buying new cars every couple of years, bigger tv's, the latest gadget, Ipod, Ipad... all the superfluous stuff that in a couple years must be thrown away.

Wall Street continues to increase their bonuses as do CEO's while being bankrolled by the Federal Reserve and in return for our savings, we get less that 1% for the use of our money. The picture is clear to me as what the elites' intentions are.