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Monday, June 6, 2011

The Great Global Warming Swindle

The Ice is Melting, the Sea is Rising, Hurricanes are blowing and it is all YOUR FAULT...

I have read much about man-made global warming or as it is now called, climate change. Following is the most informative and credible documentary, fact based, by scientists, meteorologists, paleontologists, oceanographers, physicists, astronomers, geologists... from around the world, as opposed to the political, corporate lobbyists, activists... those who have a great deal to gain from the money involved in this human-induced global warming movement. Morally repugnant is what this does to those in underdeveloped countries. When you have some time, it is worth a listen.

The hubris of man to think that a few (humans) can control and regulate a vast universe and that which was created by God, is beyond me.

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Meems said...

Hi Diana,
VERY interesting. Didn't listen to whole thing but I already agree. Too much money/jobs wrapped up in the sell of "Climate Change". And I suppose it just "feels good" to those who buy into it. But it is not science and sadly it is being sold as 'morally wrong' not to buy into it. Thanks for sharing the video.