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Friday, May 20, 2011

California Takes Aim at Pension Spiking

Bloomberg reports:

Robb Quincey made $460,000 last year as city manager of Upland, California, a middle-class suburb east of Los Angeles at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains. His duties included overseeing 325 employees, a police department with 25 cars, four fire stations and a library for the community of 76,000.

Last year, Quincey, 51, negotiated a new contract in which the city agreed to add reimbursements for his car, housing and other costs directly into his paycheck, according to public records. When he retired, the combined payments would be counted in his final year’s salary and used as the basis for calculating his pension for life.

Such loopholes allow some public employees to manipulate overtime, unused vacation and special compensation to boost their retirement pay. The practice, known as pension spiking, has drawn protests at a time when U.S. state pension assets are $479.5 billion under what is needed to pay promised benefits, according to data compiled by Bloomberg... continue reading here.

Don't you have to ask where is the oversight? And we wonder why these governments always need more money.

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