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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Behind the Rising Cost of Food

The cost of food worldwide rose 37 percent from February 2010 to this year, but you are already aware of the sting to your wallet. The NYT offers this perspective. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics)


Susan said...

It is amazing what is going on in our world!!! It seems we must settle for fruit salad and a bottle of wine. I think I can do that.

Diana said...

Susan, DH loves your comment!

Sue said...

I've noticed huge increases in prices of bacon and eggs. I've heard the produce prices are quite outrageous too, but frankly, I haven't bought much this past winter except bananas. I do know the garden is really going to be filled this summer.

Diana said...

Yes, eggs have gone up considerably as has everything else: each time I look at various items, $1 dollar seems to be the norm. I'm with you, Sue, banana, yes, but other than than we are not buying much. Who would pay $2 dollars for one pepper. I am thankful for our garden.