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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Some Food Inflation Facts

Food inflation facts are generally not included in media reporting except to encourage that all is well. If you listen to only the major networks and or the local newspaper, you may not be aware of occurrences around the world. For example, nearly each day this past week I have seen headlines and read articles relating to the rising cost of food and some riots associated with them. I can almost hear someone say, "oh, that won't happen to us." Hopefully not, but we must pay attention to and understand our environment and make plans for what if... our family depends upon us. Yes, we want to focus on the positive, but this situation currently prevails.

The Times of India reports Inflation Is Up 18.32 percent in India, 58.8 percent of that is due to escalating food costs.

Algeria is in turmoil due to rising food costs.

Tunisian youths clash with police in several cities as teachers and lawyers go on strike over high unemployment and food prices.

The U.N. FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) report: sugar and meat prices are at the highest since its records began in 1990 (twenty years ago); wheat, rice, corn and other cereals prices are at the highest since the 2008 crisis.

And here in the U.S., the USDA (Department of Agriculture) reports tighter grain stocks of corn and soybean. The problems span the globe. Last summer it was drought in Russia and a smaller than expected U.S. corn crop. Floods in Australia are now expected to hurt wheat production, while dry weather in Argentina shrinks the soybean and corn harvest there.

The following graphs from the UN's latest food price index are for your review and need no explanation. Besides, you shop and know what is happening to the cost of food.


Patricia said...

Very interesting post. Yes, it is kept quiet and we can expect it to continue. Another aspect that influences cost of food is transportation costs and with peak oil we can expect that to get worse.
My mother is on a fixed income and just yesterday she asked me, "What is happening to food prices? Everything I usually buy at the supermarket is up almost $1!" Another reason to plan a garden. :-)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Scary as heck, Di.... People just don't realize what is happening ---but it is... Food prices just continue to go up each WEEK....

The flooding in Australia is horrible. There have been so many strange things happening all over the world this year... Is God talking to us?????? Hmmmmmmm.

I still am wondering what killed all of the birds and fish around the world recently.....Strange things are happening..


Diana (Di) said...

Patricia, it is already difficult for those on fixed incomes and as the cost of fuel continues to rise, everyone, every thing will be affected, products and business.

Your mother is exactly right, each time we go to the grocery, another item has increased in price.

Diana (Di) said...

Hi Betsy, no, many people don't realize what is happening, and some believe that nothing like what is going on in the world will ever occur here, or they simply do not want to hear about it... I guess out of site, out of mind. The difficulty is that if and when something terrible does occur, they will be the first to yell and demand something be done.

Interesting that you should comment on God talking to us. I "rather" jokingly say to my DH whenever there is one catastrophe after another: "I think God is pi$$ed."