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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fuel Tax By State

If you have ever wondered what portion of the price you pay for gasoline and/or diesel is tax (combined local, state, and federal per gallon), this is the most recent summary report courtesy of API, the American Petroleum Institute.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Taxes in TN aren't too bad --although we do have almost 10% sales tax. Our property taxes were just raised (still not as high as most) to help the county and school system. It kinda upset us because the country had voted NOT to have a wheel tax at all, which would have been much fairer than raising the property taxes. Almost every Tom, Dick and Harry in our poor county has a car or two.. BUT-many of them don't own their homes.. SO--"WE" have to pay for them through our Property taxes...

We NEVER buy gas in North Carolina if we can help it. It's much more expensive there than any other neighboring state.


Diana (Di) said...

Betsy, a disconcerting fact for us is that our property taxes continue to rise as property values decline. The powers that be simply don't care. At some point this continual increase-taxes-and-spend-mentality has to reach some nadir.