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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Madness Of A Lost Society

There is no commentary for the following video. I think it speaks for itself.


Robin said...

So true and so so sad...I have never and will never participate in such madness. We buy very few gifts here. Most of our holiday gifts are canned goodies from the garden or something we purchased while on vacation. The only one who I go out shopping for is my grandson...and he only gets a couple of things. When I was a child we only received two gifts from "Santa". One gift would be something like a full size sewing machine and the other would be a nice piece of clothing. It wasn't because we couldn't afford it. It was because my parents wanted us to realize the true meaning of the holidays.

Diana (Di) said...

Neither have we Robin. It is insanity and speaks to what values have become.

I read an accounting the other day from a finance person who decided to participate in a "$90 DVD player on sale at Walmart for $40" on Black Friday to buy for his brother-in-law. He said people were coming out of the store with 3 and 4 50" TV's, appliances stacked on top of appliances and electronics, carts overflowing... and the sad thing was, he was in an area of Baltimore that he knew the people could not afford all those items.

We told our children years ago, "If you want to make us a gift that would be wonderful...but we don't need anything and we don't want you to waste your money... take whatever you plan to spend on us and set it aside, save it."

What happened to the meaning of Christmas? Oh yes, we now have to be careful in celebrating the true meaning.

Oh, don't get me started. ;)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Yes---we are CRAZY, aren't we, Di????? I don't understand this country --and why people would almost kill one another to save a penny or two... Don't they realize that those stores put a few items on sale --in hopes that people will buy extra things NOT on sale when they are there?????

I have NEVER been a shopper --but I will admit that in my first marriage, we would spend WAY too much money on our kids for Christmas. We'd pay for that experience the entire next year. it was STUPID.

I finally got smart and changed my entire lifestyle when it came to Christmas. We stopped spending so much money and volunteered and did things for OTHERS as a family instead. It made the 'real' meaning of Christmas come alive for us...

These days, we just don't make a big deal out of gifts... We give each grandchild a piece of money --and we buy a few little things (like bedroom slippers ) for each other--and that's it. I just enjoy my decorations and my angels... ha

Thanks for this one, Di. We live in a crazy, mixed up country ...

Diana (Di) said...

Betsy, no! you and I are not crazy. LOL

We do the same: give our grandchildren a piece of money for Christmas and birthdays, and since we set up a small fund for each of them when they were born, we hope they are putting that cash into it so it can grow over the years. They have so much, too much.

Betsy, helping others and volunteering during the holidays is most meaningful. Blessings to you.

morememes said...

It takes be back to a day when I braved the London crowds to go to the Harrods sale: I needed a few extra dinner plates in a Wedgwood 'Kutani Crane' pattern, and half price would have been nice :-)
Once I was finally pushed inside the doors, and arrived at the china department, I was sick with revulsion: people had huge stacks of the most beautiful english porcelain in their arms, and the pushing and shoving was so bad, that the floor was littered with expensive shards. You could hear them drop and break. I turned round and had the doorman help me back into the street. I don't even like using that dinner set now. It reminds me of the horror in Harrods. Mmm, good title for a detective story, come to think of it:-)

lakeviewer said...

And this is why everyone never gets out of debt!