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Sunday, October 24, 2010

What The Hell Is Wrong With People

So, we head down the hill from our house this morning, a beautiful winding country road that is about two miles outside the city limits. This is an area where I have to stop the car as the local deer and turkeys take their time to cross the road. It is a somewhat older rural neighborhood and with a county zoning restriction whereby parcels cannot be smaller than 5 acres. Over the last several years a few newer homes have been built, but basically there are several farms with horses and a few families with beehives, sheep, and cows.

When we got to the bottom of the hill and crossed into the city, the road was littered: a woman's shoe in the middle of the highway, a plaid shirt, t-shirts, another shoe on the side of the road, more clothing in the center, hundreds of empty CO2 cartridges... scattered all over the highway. What an absolute ugly mess. And this isn't the first time.

About once every couple of months someone uses this section of highway as their personal garbage dump: mattress and box spring, computer display, office chair, the frame of an automobile, washer, dryer, tires, black plastic bags of garbage...

In this instance it is evident that the person/s responsible were not just dropping off their trash, especially since it was strewn at various points along the road, but intended to cause a problem. Many bicyclists, walkers and joggers also use this area.

Yes, the world is filled with wonderful people, but there are also those who are destructive and want to cause problems. There always has been, and I guess there always will be.

Do they want to cause damage and personal harm? That seems obvious. Did they accomplish an objective and pi$$ someone off? I guess so... look at this blog. Is there no pride? In some there is not.

What the Hell is wrong with people?


Susan said...

I hear you, Diana. Such a shame. I often wonder who the parents are of these people. All respect for mankind has been lost and everyone thinks they deserve whatever they want. I don't know the cure. I wish I did.

Robin said...

It's amazing how wonderful and how awful the human race can be. We had a similiar incident here this morning. We live in a very nice old & quiet neighborhood. This morning in an alley behind our home I found a lawnmower turned over, a fence post and a dis-mantled saw horse lying in the middle of the alley. They were from the back of of three different homes and were previously stored nice and neat behind the homes. People amaze me sometimes!

Nutty Gnome said...

It's the same over here too - many people seem to have very little or no respect for others any more and it drives me up the wall.

It seems to be all about getting or doing what you want as soon as you want it, regardless of the effect on others.

Not all people are like this though. My dad got burgled recently while he was away - they caught the 2 men because dad has very good neighbours! Th ey had to let the men out on bail while all the forensics were done ....2 hours after they let them out they caught them stealing lead off a roof!!! What can I say?

joey said...

In some respects, the I older I get, the more I know, but with these issues, it's like the older I get, the less I know. But this much I know is true, Di ... I'll follow/listen and seeing dear friend, Liz, here too, 'Oh, Happy Day'!